Manufacturing Facilities

The equipment and machineries in the distillation plant are designed in a way as to produce different grades of products from the best suitable raw material sources, such as Super Kerosene Oil.

The facility consists of a four distillation units. This facility can produce hydrocarbon solvent of lower boiling range as well as to produce hydrocarbon distillate of relatively higher boiling range.

Process Plant Facility:

The main process equipment in the plant can be summarized in the following categories.

 – Raw materials/products loading/unloading facility

 – Raw Material and Product Storage tanks

 – Heat Exchangers for feed preheating and product cooling

 – Distillation Columns

Utility Facilities:

– Cooling Tower – to cool down water for re-using as a cooling medium

– Thermic Fluid Heater – for heating the Thermic Fluid heater

– Compressor – To provide compressed air for instrumentation

– Nitrogen Plant – To provide nitrogen for equipment blanketing safety feature)

– Fire-fighting system – To provide protection against fire